Palais - Céline N

Coffee, Desserts and Snacks

Let yourself be tempted by one of the delicious homemade pastries of Shawinigan’s bakeries with a hot coffee. Take more than one for later.
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Le Grille-Pain du coin
Boulangerie artisanale qui valorise les produits biologiques, les producteurs locaux et où chaque pâtisserie est une véritable œuvre d'art!
Crémerie de Flore
An ice cream bar, a gelato counter, homemade ice cream cakes on site as well as a candy shop and all kinds of chocolates in Shawinigan.
A chocolate factory paired with an ice cream parlor opened year-round in Shawinigan. twenty choices of dippings made with 100% pure chocolate.
Café-Bistro 2800
Ideal resto after a nature outing in the Park. Taste one of their delicious specialty coffees or a dish of their bistro menu by the fire.
Café Le Bucolique
Restaurant looking like a veritable museum with its original character in Shawi. Copious breakfasts and lunches and decadent coffees.
462 Tamarac
This wine bar / restaurant-boutique food counter offers inventive and tasty cuisine in a really nice atmosphere. Go there to eat or for the happy hour.
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