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Enjoy Shawi as a couple or with your friends. Many activities, events, restaurants are accessible for everyone but specifically enjoyable for the big ones.
L’Aventureux, c’est l’activité de team building que tu dois essayer avec tes amis, ta famille ou tes collègues, beau temps, mauvais temps ! 
Vallée du Parc
A human scale ski station open 7 days - 5 evenings in the winter season. Enjoy the snow while skiing or snowboarding, or try the alpine luge.
Resto-Bar 360
The après-ski atmosphere effortlessly with a view at Resto-bar le 360 of Vallée du parc. Enjoy a beverage or a meal by the fireplace.
Tribal Fest
Festival with attitude in downtown area with demos and initiation of street and nature sports, as well as animation and tasting.
Place Biermans
The #1 spot for entertainment in Shawinigan with its movie theater, bowling alleys, arcades, pool tables, snack bar and chocolate factory.
Les Dés Truqués
A recreational bistro for the most entertaining experience, in a friendly atmosphere, with animation and surrounded by over 1 500 board games!
Maison Cadorette
Charming B&B in Saint-Jean-des-Piles at 4km from the National Park, with restaurant on site, nice terrace and storytelling evenings in summer!
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