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Happy Hour

To take a break or simply have a good time with friends, find your perfect spot for an enjoyable happy hour in Shawinigan.
Ô Quai des Brasseurs
Menu composé de tapas, de petits snacks, de pizzas, de viandes, de poissons et de fruits de mer accompagné d'une de nos bonnes bières . Nous avons même des plats pour vos tout petits!
Vallée du Parc
A human scale ski station open 7 days - 5 evenings in the winter season. Enjoy the snow while skiing or snowboarding, or try the alpine luge.
Resto-Bar 360
The après-ski atmosphere effortlessly with a view at Resto-bar le 360 of Vallée du parc. Enjoy a beverage or a meal by the fireplace.
Le Chenapan
A really cool restaurant-bistro where you can enjoy a refreshing drink or a nice meal in downtown Shawinigan.
Café-Bistro 2800
Ideal resto after a nature outing in the Park. Taste one of their delicious specialty coffees or a dish of their bistro menu by the fire.
462 Tamarac
This wine bar / restaurant-boutique food counter offers inventive and tasty cuisine in a really nice atmosphere. Go there to eat or for the happy hour.
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