Lakes And Rivers

There is water everywhere in Shawinigan. With its Shawinigan and Saint-Maurice rivers, as well as its hundreds of lakes, there is enough to fully enjoy it.
Fête de la pêche
Mario, guide de pêche, te feras vivre une expérience hors du commun et te partagera sa passion sur la rivière Saint-Maurice à Shawinigan.
Aqua Radical
NOUVEAUTÉ 2023 - Le parcours gonflable Aqua Radical est une façon unique de profiter de notre belle rivière Saint-Maurice!
Tribal Fest
Festival with attitude in downtown area with demos and initiation of street and nature sports, as well as animation and tasting.
Maximum Aventure
THE spot to rent something to have fun on land as much as on water: boat, jet ski, quad, VTT, moto, snowmobiles, etc.
Camping du Parc de l’Île-Melville
146 wooded campsites, some of which are very popular, along the Saint-Maurice river wi146 wooded campsites, some are along the Saint-Maurice river, with 2 or 3 services and ready-to-camp in the heart of 2 or 3 services in the heart of Shawinigan.
Marina de Grand-Mère
With its 99 wharf spaces, the Marina runs along the Saint-Maurice River and is located in the heart of the English district in Grand-Mère!
Le 2800 du Parc
Perfect place for resting in a cozy and modern chalet, admiring the Saint-Maurice river and enjoying outdoor activities. Renting available.
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