Year Round

Enjoy Shawinigan during Summer, Fall, Winter or even Spring. The activity is accessible no matter the season you will be in Shawi.
Ranch Dupont
Open for 3 seasons ans specializing in hoofed animals, this ranch is home to more than 250 animals from all around the world.
oTENTik Accomodation
Halfway between a tent and a rustic cabin with an indoor woodoven, outdoor fireplace and BBQ, and a service building. Glamping experience!
Maximum Aventure
THE spot to rent something to have fun on land as much as on water: boat, jet ski, quad, VTT, moto, snowmobiles, etc.
Marina de Grand-Mère
With its 99 wharf spaces, the Marina runs along the Saint-Maurice River and is located in the heart of the English district in Grand-Mère!
Le 2800 du Parc
Perfect place for resting in a cozy and modern chalet, admiring the Saint-Maurice river and enjoying outdoor activities. Renting available.
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