I LOVE… unexpected encounters, thinking outside the box, mobilizing people around an idea, hearing my colleagues laugh, the scent of lime trees in May and the sound of the word achawenekane.

Zélé Restaurant

My experience is always WOW when I take a seat at their lovely table, which has chosen the coeur villageois de Sainte-Flore to exist. I like that the blackboard menu follows the rhythm of the seasons and promotes small producers who are presented at the same time as the dishes. I love its vintage and eclectic decor which adds to the neat but relaxed atmosphere of the place. And the playlist fits well with the uniqueness of its owners! I discovered Clay & Friends there, which is now part of my playlist!

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Parc de la rivière Shawinigan

I love it ! Even if it is tiny, it offers a super cozy nature experience only 5 minutes away from downtown. From May to October (very colorful in the fall), I go there on sunny days for a meditation break, a refreshing swim or lunch with the fly fishermen. I find myself a rock to sit on and listen to the water clearing paths singing waterfalls.

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Nature Nature

I’m clearly not the camping type, but I like accessible nature, comfort and wooden architecture that has style and simplicity to lay down with a book and a good latte, settled in a hammock with a green view. Exactly what their small cabins with large bay windows offer me, on the mountainside, at the edge of the forests of La Mauricie National Park. So perfect for me!

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462 Tamarac

Clearly one of my favorite urban foodie spots in Shawi. 100% eclectic, with a good-natured atmosphere, like its artist-owner, firmly anchored in organic and ecological values. At the 462, cooking is an art more than a tradition, since for Ysa, the good in the mouth is always beautiful for the eyes and soft for the nose, with musical notes that bring you back to the vinyl years. I totally love it.

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Le Parc de l’Île Melville

Well yes, another park 😊 but this one is still different: it’s “my island _in Shawi”. Yes yes, a real real island! And it’s extraordinary for the girl that I am who grew up in the French islands. Among all the activities accessible there, my favorite is undoubtedly the themed paddle outings : day and night (imagine during the Perseids), in paddle yoga, initiation mode or even with an aperitif!

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La Factrie

A superb workshop-exhibition which leaves its doors open to the visual arts lovers, to immerse themselves, to share, to create or even to question themselves. I love this space bathed in natural light, which has preserved the atmosphere and industrial design of the “Shirt Shop”, a former factory from 1925. I like that these current places remain witnesses of the rich industrial past of Shawi. I also discovered the feminine drawings and the colorful painting of Devon Griffiths which is also one of my favorites.

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