Céline Cantin


I have a fondness for evening shows and good meals in nice restaurants. But at the same time, I don’t hesitate to put on my work boots to plant a tree or move a part of my landscaping. Concerned about the environment, I am a tad vegetarian, I love animals, nature and everything that flirts with the arts. Visiting new places also fills my need to discover new things.
Rando urbaine - Céline C

Walk my Town

I love exploring the streets and neighborhoods of my hometown on foot. Going along the Promenade of the Avenue du Capitaine-Veilleux or the Promenade du Saint-Maurice. Crossing the Grand-Mère’s English district, strolling in the Parc des Papetiers then take a break on the terrace of the Marina de Grand-Mère while contemplating the Saint-Maurice River. Will I dare to climb the observation tower with a height of more than 26 meters?

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Maison de la Culture Francis-Brisson

I love to attend an intimate show in this beautiful hall, a building of heritage value.

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TDD - Céline C

Trou du diable – Brew-Pub & Restaurant

I enjoy sipping a Germaine on their terrace as the sun descends in the sky and warms us with its gentle rays.

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Roulottes Beauparlant

Eating a poutine from one of the Beauparlant trailers while watching the people go by on 5e rue de la Pointe.

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RDV des peintres - Céline C

Rendez-vous des peintres

I love to stroll along the street of the Coeur villageois de Sainte-Flore to discover the artists of this cultural event.

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Céline Cantin

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