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Members of Tourisme Shawinigan’s team are all committed, passionate people with an amazing energy. See by yourself by getting in touch with one of them or go take a look at their Shawinigan’s favorites!

Tourisme Shawinigan is lucky to count on a board of directors with involved and devoted administrators who all work in collaboration with the team all year long. A huge thank you to each and everyone of them.

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All Tourisme Shawinigan’s partners are commited companies who have Shawinigan at heart and want to develop in an collaborative environement.

The best way to become partener of Tourisme Shawinigan is to get in touch with our team.

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About the Office de tourisme, foires et congrès de Shawinigan

The Office de tourisme, foires et congrès of Shawinigan assumes the mandate given by the City of Shawinigan to act as a leader in the support and development of local, regional, provincial, national and international tourism, in order to participate actively in the economic development of Shawinigan and this, in consultation with the local partners.

The mission of Tourisme Shawinigan is exercised in the fields of leisure, business
and sports tourism and covers the fields of intervention that are tourist welcome, marketing, product development, as well as the support of local industry and partnerships, with the following general roles:

Tourist Welcome :
›  Design and distribute tourist information tools on the destination.
› Manage welcome and tourist information operations.

 Marketing :
› Promote Shawinigan as a destination and its attractions.
› Strengthen the penetration of existing markets and develop new ones.

Product Development :
› Consolidate and support the development of existing local tourism activities and services in Shawinigan.
› Support the development of new popular products and distinctive tourism products.

Support of local industry and partnerships :
› Establish and maintain consultation within the different tourism actors on the territory of Shawinigan.
› Encourage collaboration and partnerships between public and private stakeholders working directly or indirectly in the tourist industry of Shawinigan.


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