Open-minded and persevering, between my violin lessons and my riding lessons, I love to immerse myself in a good book. But, in the summer, it’s on my paddle board that you’ll find me. Sometimes teasing the trout, sometimes taking my friends for walks.
Poirier - Anaïs C

Librairie Poirier

Because there is everything! When a new Léa Olivier comes out, they have it the same day!

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L’orchestre des jeunes Philippe-Filion

Because this is where I see my friends and because those responsible are really clever. They make us take up great challenges during our various concerts.

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tous les jours dimanche - Anaïs C

Tous les jours dimanche

They have the best hot chocolates in town! The lemonade is a must in the summer! I also love their cookies, they are the best!

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Le camping du Parc

This is my favorite campsite because I still love fishing for frogs! The lake water is always good for swimming. We like to play hide-and-seek on the campground, it’s so wooded that it’s easy to hide. The library in the community room is also really awesome! There are lots of different books. I love going for a walk with dog in the morning before the world wakes up. Nature is really beautiful.

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place biermans quilles - Anaïs C

Place Biermans

For the bowling alleys! When I was younger, it was my favorite spot to celebrate my birthday!

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marché public fromage - Anaïs C

Le Marché public

Mr. Yvan’s chips : YUMMY! Go and have a look at Yvan du fromage’s kiosk, good luck resisting his homemade potato chips.

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personna plein air famille - Anaïs C

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