Creative at heart, big fan of Pinterest, beautiful things, nature and food, I like to introduce Shawi to my loved ones and to discover new spots!


My ultimate gourmet favourite: the Zélé! For the relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel instantly good, the little touches that make you go wow (for example the blankets offered during cool summer evenings on the terrace), the impeccable service (the description of the dishes always makes me want to take everything and the servers are all super friendly) and what about the food … Never disappointed! I always leave with a full stomach, beautiful moments shared with my loved ones and the desire to introduce this little gem to everyone around me.

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L’Uni-vert des artisans

Quebec creators constantly surprise me with their creativity and talent! It’s therefore always a great pleasure to go to this boutique. Be careful, there is a big risk you’ll be inventing yourself some false needs. I have to admit it’s really hard for me to resist their candle. They have a huge selection but, at the moment, my favorite is Avocado and melon from Marée Chandelle!

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Café bucolique

The Pinterest fan in me was over the moon on her first visit to Café bucolique, where just looking around and admiring the decor is an experience in itself. The best part of it all is that we discover something new every time. It feels like stepping back in time and, in my opinion, there’s nothing better to relax and enjoy the moment.

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Parc chutes - Eugénie

The waterfalls

Water is a source of comfort for me. The sound and beauty of the Shawinigan Falls are as impressive as they are soothing. Young and older ones will be amazed by the force and power of the water that can easily be observed from the belvedere of parc de l’Île Melville in the falls sector. A must! Psst. To add a bit of fantasy to your visit, make sure you know the legend of Devil’s Hole before you go there. 😊

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La promenade du Saint-Maurice and its Parks

Ahh the famous promenade and its parks! No matter the season, you never get tired of the omnipresence of the river downtown Shawinigan. What about the breathtaking sunsets… breathtaking! A regular meeting place for the locals, you can feel the social effervescence from the first heat of spring. In the summer season, I love the river’s refreshing breeze, the water’s accessibility and the picnic areas! During the fall, it’s the perfect spot to admire the flamboyant colors with a hot chocolate in hand before stopping at a good restaurant or shopping downtown. In winter, the place remains just as magical.

Le lac à la Tortue

In my family, I’s affectionately called the “lake”. The lake reminds me of absolute relaxation, endless chatter at the water’s edge, long pontoon rides, a serious sandbag game or washer toss competitions, the famous Michigan at the Casse-croûte Sapin Vert and the traditional Saint-Jean fireworks display. I discovered Shawi because of my in-laws’ chalet! My parents also fell in love with the lake and will soon be moving there. For me, the lake is a family affair!

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