Céline Naudin-Cuny


Hi! My name is Celine, I am a resident ambassador_à Shawi! I have lived in Shawinigan for 8 years already and I love it! It’s the perfect town for the lovers of nature, bodies of water and good beer!
BW Micro - Céline N

Broadway Microbrewery

I go there for its delicious beers, its terrace and its passionate and friendly owners. My favorite beer: Katana, with a subtle ginger taste.

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Palais - Céline N

La Pâtisserie Le Palais

For me, their small pastries are the best in Quebec. The passion-mango / chocolate is my favorite. And the owners donate a small amount to community organizations… I think they are great!

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2800 - Céline N

Le 2800 du Parc

Simply the most beautiful place to admire the Saint-Maurice river with a drink in the summer or sit by the firepit with a coffee in the fall. I fell in love with Chloe and Maxime who give us an incredible welcome every time… Ah! And the food is great!

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Grille-pain du coin - Céline N

Le Grille-Pain du Coin

My new crush! A nice small bakery serving a delicious coffee and their breads are varied and delicious. You must try the one with dates and Trou du diable’s beer!

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Jules fromage et convives personna couple - Céline N

Want even more inspiration ?

You, the foodie who likes to enjoy simple moments as a couple, and chose to come in Shawinigan for a few days: GOOD PICK! Let me be your personal guide and suggest my favorites in order to make your stay memorable.

Take a look at my epicurean favorites as a couple

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