I love to travel, to discover, to get out of my comfort zone and to escape and to enjoy the outdoors by practicing different sports throughout the year. I also enjoy yoga, reading and moments of relaxation in my hammock or around the fire!
Parc des chutes - Francine

Parc de l’île Melville – Secteur des Chutes

This part of the park is a must for me. I go there to ride my mountain bike, to hike or to go cross-country skiing. A place close to downtown that allows you to escape and enjoy the outdoors. We are lucky to have this nature so close to home!

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tous les jours dimanche - francine

Tous les jours dimanche

The bread and granola bars of this bakery are truly a must to enjoy without holding back!

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Le Chenapan

This is definitely my to go to restaurant. I’m never disappointed of the menu, which is unique and sooo delicious!

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Le Yéti

Every time I walk in the store, I’m amazed by the beauty there is to offer in sportswear! Definitely, Gladémir and Marie-Christine have great taste! It only takes one visit to want to go back.

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univert des artisans - Francine

Uni-Vert des Artisans

I love this store which offers such beautiful local, homemade and eco-friendly products.

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Fleuriste Shawi sud - Amélie

Fleuriste Shawinigan-Sud

Every time I walk in this flower shop, it feels like home, and I would like to stay there forever. The owners are so kind and welcoming. Their products and flowers are essential for gifts.

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Sensée – Épicerie spécialisée

A stop in this specialized grocery store is part of my routine whether it’s for the purchase of a prepared meal or specialized products. I couldn’t do without it!

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