Talking is my favorite hobby and I embellish it with a gesture that is unique to me! 😉 I am a philanthropist at heart, I deeply love people, creating solidarity movements and being kind. I like poutine almost as much, but there really isn’t a specific term for it!

Esthétique Willow – Sandra Chevalier

This is the place of choice to receive facials! I spend 1 hour with Sandra, and I come out as relaxed as if I had spent a week in a spa in Bali! It includes all the little things we love: creams, masks, essential oils, soothing mist… All it takes is a Carebear to believe you’re in heaven!

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Fleuriste Shawi sud - Amélie

Fleuriste Shawinigan-Sud

Entering there is like entering Ali Baba’s cave! It’s all about “beauty”, “unique finds” and “good taste”! Wherever my eyes lay, it’s the instant wow effect! I go in to buy flowers: I leave with the bouquet, a cactus for my daughter, decorative hearts for the veranda, a green plant for the dining room and certainly a nice chat with Julie and Lorraine.

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Le Tzav Bistro-Pizz

As I’m “the” reference in poutine in Shawinigan, I can’t ignore my usual “Thursday poutine”. If you check the order history of Tzav, you’ll see that there is a consistency in the deliveries of delicious poutine, brown sauce, extra cheese, every Thursday! And, I can’t say enough nice things about their delivery guys; they are all friendly and courteous!

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Design C – Caroline Veillette.

She’s the Queen of interior design! She ranks way above all the queens you know! Just above Elisabeth II and the Snow Queen, there’s Caroline Veillette. She’s gifted, it’s crazy! Her ideas have literally transformed several rooms in my house. She works miracles! The “before/after” photos are worthy of a renovation show on Canal Vie!

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tous les jours dimanche - Amélie

Tous les jours dimanche

Julie’s baguette is unbeatable. Summer at the chalet takes Julie’s wand. Nobody dares to show up with “any baguette” bought elsewhere, we’re not fooled! Julie’s baguette is divine! By the way, are other baguette bread? 😉 Julie also enhances our stays at the chalet with her cookies, pies and sandwiches. Next summer, we’re thinking of inviting her over for the summer!

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Francis Brisson - Amélie

La Maison de la culture Francis-Brisson

It’s extremely difficult to describe in words, but there is a soul within this hall. Each visit becomes a lasting memory. The proximity to the artist, the sensation of living a special moment, the feeling of being in communion with the work… It’s the perfect place to understand what “performing art” is.

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