I arrived in Shawinigan in 2016, at the age of 26, and I quickly fell in love with nature, good restaurants and the Trou du Diable products! I like to talk politics or travel over a good black beer and do yoga near the Saint-Maurice River. I’m always available for a restaurant outing! 😉
Café bucolique - Janny C

Café Bucolique

When I wake up with a craving for delicious crispy French toasts, I head to Ste-Flore and have breakfast at this coffee shop. Unique and original decor, velvety coffees, varied menu… This is my favorite restaurant for breakfast!

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promenade saint-maurice automne - Midorie

La promenade du Saint-Maurice

For me, the promenade is the perfect place to jog, take baby for a walk or admire the fall’s colors. Get yourself a good coffee or an ice cream and wander around! The magnificent Saint-Maurice River never disappoints.

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cascades parc national de la mauricie - Midorie

La Mauricie National Park – The Cascades

In the summer, I spend most of my Sundays outdoors. So, I go regularly to the Cascades with a good book, a well-filled lunch box, my bathing suit and my sunscreen. We cool off and have a good time with friends!

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Neofit training center

The CrossFit community is second to none! For effective, varied and frankly intense training, the Neofit training center is simply perfect. Learn about weightlifting and practice your endurance. Your muscles will be a little sore, but your nachos that night will be even better!

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Le Chenapan

For me, Le Chenapan is a delicious cheesecake, a decadent Mac’n cheese, good beers, a nice decor and friendly employees! One of our favorite restaurants, to my boyfriend and me, for lunch all year round!

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462 tamarac - Midorie

462 Tamarac

For the atmosphere, the colors, the good wine, the pizzas as good as those in Italy and the staff… 462 is THE place to chill on hot summer days with a good book or an old friend.

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