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More turbulent than my calm and composed appearance suggests, I’m a perfectionist and I’m passionate about what I do. Focused on health through physical exercise, sleep, diet and calibrated social relationships, I have a creative spirit and a strong penchant for art.

Parc de la Rivière Grand-Mère

This park offers architectural structures on which it’s possible to ski. It’s a fairly large, steep and very quiet space. Professional skiers and snowboarders travel from all over the world for some of the modules the park offers.

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Vallée du Parc

Ski resort where it’s pleasant to slide on the tracks. In the summer season, peace reigns so it’s a pleasant spot to venture on foot or by bike. It’s easy to get immersed in the abundant nature on their many trails.

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nature forêt automne - Phil

La nature

Shawinigan is rich in natural spaces. No matter the location, it’s easy to find a dose of peace prescribed by the forest kingdom. It’s a place to fully recharge your batteries and thereby, with curiosity and experience, to establish a deep connection with it.

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Skate parc du Parc Antoine St-Onge

Located in the heart of the city, this skate park is peaceful and a meeting place for enthusiasts of the same passion. The few trees surrounding the park give the impression of being in a bubble and allow you to live an intimate experience.

Phil Casabon

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