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Not a very expansive retired person… Unless we’re talking about nature, wildlife and flora that I know quite well. Then, I pass on my knowledge to other interested parties. Beautiful landscapes also fascinate me. I like watching them and photographing them, whether it’s to see them for the first time or see them again or to share them with others. I enjoy guiding people in nature by rediscovering the “primitive man” in each of us: all our senses awaken. Taming our environment and all its beauties is something I’m passionate about.
Vallée rocanigan - Janny C

Vallée Rocanigan

Varied trails for every taste and every season. One of the most interesting vegetation for both humans and wildlife. This is where the wildlife is the most diverse (mooses, deers, bears, coyotes, foxes, beavers, otters, martens, minks, etc.). In winter, all tracks left in the snow by active species can be identified.

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orignal parc national de la mauricie - Robert

La Mauricie National Park

Certain times of the year are more suitable to observe certain animal species: beavers and mooses for example. Out of respect for the privacy of these animals, I limit the number of persons observing them at the same time.

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Père Buteux Trail in Grandes Piles

It’s a fairly demanding trail with 30 minutes of quite steep climbs starting out. At the top, what a reward! It’s a superb view for miles around. The 6 km slow downhill loop runs along a cute waterfall.

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