Norman by birth and Mauritian by adoption, I’m passionate about tourism. I believe in a collective and responsible approach to meeting our challenges and creating opportunities.
Bucolique - Martin

Café bucolique

The cozy atmosphere of this coffee shop, a gentle stopover in the heart of Sainte-Flore; ideally with girlfriends.

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The downtown urban bubble (summer)

The different perspectives and discoveries possible by walking in downtown Shawinigan are worth the journey. I particularly like the English character of rue des Érables with its large mature trees.

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Le parc des Papetiers

The both conquering and relaxing spirit of this park, embodied by the work Figure de prouesse, and the deckchairs and parasols of its street furniture

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Architecture that bears history

The restored door of the former Shawinigan Cotton Company, which is now an Entrepreneurship center.

The omnipresence of the Saint-Maurice river in my living environment

It’s both a place of permanent resourcing and the heart of our identity.

Canoeing and rowing craftsmen in Saint-Jean des Piles

The ultimate bearers of a founding tradition.

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