I am a really curious person; I love exploring and discovering new things. I am an old soul with a child’s heart, so I am demanding but, easily amazed!

Aux Goglus

I take the significant people in my life there to spend some quality time with them. This is all about the moment, when time stops and all that matters are the good meal in front of you and the people you are sharing it with. This moment becomes a memory you’ll cherish for a long time. When I’m eating there, i am seeing the same fireworks as Remy in Ratatouille (movie telling the story of young rat becoming a chef in a famous restaurant in Paris). The are explosions of flavors and colors. The menu changes every month, but I am always looking for their delicious Quebec’s cheeses crème brûlée, and I never miss a chance to enjoy it.

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Ranch Dupont

This ranch is, above all, an animal welfare project and this is already striking a chord for me. I love that you can meet and chat with the caretakers of these animals. Jolyane, Mathieu and their employees are so passionate and authentic, that I have stars in my eyes just by looking at them.

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Francis Brisson - Sandie

Maison de la culture Francis-Brisson

I am overjoyed by the program which, like me, has an eclectic tendency. Every summer, there is a theatrical self-production and I never miss it. I even go a few times… I have already started my countdown to the Objectif Terre premiere this summer.

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Black bear observation

A must for me every summer! Eric’s knowledge of the black bear has no limits. In a life, where everything moves fast, even while on vacation, I enjoy the sight of a dozen people, quietly standing in a hunting blind, in hope of seeing a bear show up.

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Broadway Microbrewery

I am Belgian, so I should like beer… but NO. There are a really few exceptions, like Mamzelle Pissenlit and Saint d’esprit festive from this microbrewery. Two seasonal beers that I stock my fridge with to enjoy all year long!

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La Mauricie National Park – La Tourbière

The boardwalk overlooking the bog (la Tourbière) which leads to the Esker Picnic area, is my little piece of Côte-Nord in Shawinigan. When I am touring the La Mauricie National Park with newcomers or visitors, I enjoy showing them the Pitcher plant and the Sundew, tow carnivorous plants that are easy and fun to observe.

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