Sporty, curious and funny. I like to play outside and in parks. I love swimming. I like to explore nature and I’m a big fan of board games. I also have a sweet tooth!
tous les jours dimanche - Léonie

Tous les jours dimanche

For their croissants and chocolatines.

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Café Morgane

For its hot chocolate!

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Dés Truqués

For an afternoon of boardgames with dad to play Stratego.

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Hélène Beauséjour Municipal Library

Visit this municipal library for its collection of books for young people.

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Cité de l’énergie

The impressive view from the top of the Hydro-Québec tower!

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The scouts

I love scouts! I’m in my last year with the Louveteaux. In Shawi, we’re the best!

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Parc Antoine St-Onge – Swimming pool

I really like its small islands (I hope they will still be there after the renovations!).

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