Beaches and Swimming in Shawinigan

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In Shawinigan, there are concrete pools, but also natural pools!

By France St-Amant

Beaches, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, outdoor pools, indoor pools, so many options to put on your swimsuit and cool off! As a family, don’t forget the accessories needed for sandcastles for the beach or pool games. With friends, we find a corner to settle on the beach or we have fun jumping from the end of a dock to the lake or the Saint-Maurice River. As a couple, we seek a comfortable spot in the waterfalls of La Mauricie National Park and we can imagine ourselves in a small whirlpool spa… minus the hot water. For everybody, we do not overlook the sunscreen! We’ll have other activities to do the following days and we want to take full advantage of them!

Sylvain Piché

Suggestions based on your interests:

For good swimmers/athletes, go to the competition lane of the pool on Avenue du Capitaine-Veilleux. There are tracking buoys allowing you to know the distance swam. You’re also close (5 minutes away) from accommodations, restaurants, and parking. You should know that swimming here is a privilege granted by Le Club de canotage de Shawinigan. All open water swimmers and triathletes are welcome, provided they comply to the following safety instructions:

– Always ensure that the spillway valves are properly closed before embarking on the water. A siren will sound before the gates open, and Hydro-Québec asks users to leave the area in front of the Almaville spillway;

– Always wear a colored helmet in order to stand out on the water and make it visible for watercraft operators. The Club de canotage de Shawinigan sells a neon green swimming cap for $25 (profits are used for course maintenance. Email or phone to buy it);

– During outings organized by the group, unless there’s a clear agreement between the members, never leave a swimmer alone. The smallest group must consist of at least two people;

– Wearing a wetsuit is strongly recommended.

For the peaceful and relaxing swimmer, go to the Beau-Rivage sector between the dam and the rapids. There is a good access via the municipal dock on avenue du Beau-Rivage. The water is not very deep and there are no algae, because there’s always current. There are also a few picnic tables to relax between dips.

Other bathing ideas:

  • At the Plage Baie-Martin at Lac des Piles (charged, supervised)

  • At the Vallée Rocanigan

  • Play in the water games at one of three sites in town (free, unsupervised)
    • Outdoor (summer) and indoor (spring, autumn, winter) municipal swimming pools (free access with the library card, otherwise charged, supervised)
    • In many accommodations (campsite, hotels, lodge, inn). Some campsites accept visitors who are not campers by paying to access the site.

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Parc St-Maurice
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