You, the culture lover who likes to have a good time with your friends, and chose to come in Shawinigan for a few days: GOOD PICK! Let me be your personal guide and suggest my favorites in order to make your stay memorable.


For me, hosting old friends is synonymous with going around Shawi’s restaurants and bars! Fun, giggles and a ton of stories to tell, here’s what the perfect weekend could look like.




Good dinner and karaoke!

Those who know me know that we’ll inevitably go to the Trou du diable (I’ll tell you why very soon), but surprisingly it doesn’t start there! I would start my Friday with a dinner at Zélé . I haven’t yet had the opportunity to discover this restaurant and their famous black garlic fries , but I have heard only good comments! I would continue the evening at Farfelu to enjoy a crazy Friday night of Karaoke with the famous Mario, in a relaxed atmosphere!


Le Palace

Strong breakfast

The day after is always treated with dignity with a big classic and very late breakfast at Palace in the Grand-Mère area. Why, will you tell me? Well, quite simply because it’s a classic, a tradition.

Parc chutes - Eugénie

Parc de l'Île Melville secteur des chutes

A healthy walk

In the afternoon, we go for a walk in the parc de l’Île Melville to see the Chutes du diable before heading to the Trou du Diable Broue pub.


Broue pub du Trou du Diable

Sentimental value

Then, heading to the Trou du Diable Broue pub for dinner– because my heart belongs to it… it’s been 16 years.


Salon Wabasso of Tdd

Unique shows

In a perfect world we’ll see a good show at the salon Wabasso before returning to end the last few opening hours at the Trou du diable Broue-pub!

tous les jours dimanche - Léonie

Tous les jours dimanche

Go say hello to Julie!

Sunday late morning, after recovering from our night, we visit Julie at Tous les jours dimanche for a good coffee and fresh pastries.


Marina de Grand-Mère

The view from the observation tower!

Then I’ll show them the view from the observation tower of the new Marina de Grand-Mère.


Le Chenapan

Tasty simplicity

If we still have energy, I’d end my weekend at the Chenapan where the cuisine is simple and tasty and the selection of micro beers is varied.

D1 – D2 – D3

A weekend at the chalet

With plenty of food and beers

I might say that now, I could also feel like renting a chalet and lock myself in there with two friends to enjoy enjoy some music after having toured the following shops: Marché public de Shawinigan, La Mie de Grand-Mère, boucherie Nobert, Trou du diable Microbrewery / Broadway’s boutiques, or even one of our specialized beer stores such as La Chope à Bières in Shawi-Sud.


Outdoor shows and events
Outdoor shows and events
Good food and beers
Good food and beers
Lots of laughs
Lots of laughs
The falls
The falls
You can also see my favorites here

Bistro menu for dinner

With nice food and microbrewery beers pairings.

Stay up far into the night

Enjoying a show and a fun night.

Regain your strenght in the morning

With the classic big breakfast or the simple duo coffee and pastry.

Take the time to enjoy the view

At the legendary falls of the Trou du diable or the brand new Marina’s observation tower.

There you go!

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