You, the foodie who is curious likes to spend time with your family, and chose to come in Shawinigan for a few days: GOOD PICK! Let me be your personal guide and suggest my favorites in order to make your stay memorable.

My personal favorites

Our ideal family getaway certainly begins at La Mauricie National Park, a paradise for nature lovers! Book a few nights at camping Lac à Pêche, bring your paddle boards, pack the kids’ bags quickly (the essentials: mosquito repellent and sunscreen), stock up on food and marshmallows to roast and off you go on an adventure!



La Mauricie National Park

A day at the beach with a picnic

An essential stop in the park: a day at the beach of the Lac Édouard with the family! Sandcastle, picnic, swimming and sun on the agenda. Pack the nectar of your choice into the cooler, bring your chairs to work on your tan while the youngsters have fun in the lake’s water and its warm sand. Very popular with families, the sound of joyful children’s laughter fills the place, while offering the perfect tranquility to parents Hehe! Note that the excitement is at its peak during heat waves! My picnic of choice: poutine sausages from Boucherie Nobert to cook on the Hibachis, with their broccoli salad, a delight!



Try the hole in one!

During your stay, it’s impossible to miss our good old timeless classic: the Mini-putt Shawinigan-Sud! What could be better than an 18-hole course at JP (the friendly owner) with a slush in hand on a summer day, huh? Ready for a little family friendly competition? We even call grandma, cousins and, why not, the big whole family? Because the more the merrier!


Roulotte beauparlant

The 5th street tradition

To satisfy the appetite of young and old alike, head to Les Roulottes Beauparlant on 5th rue de la Pointe in the heart of downtown. An emblem of Shawinigan since 1940, impossible not to stop there to fill your stomach. But beware, everyone has their preference between the two potato trailers! Are you more a fan of curly or straight fries? At La Terrasse, they served curly fries while up the street, the fries have a straight cut. Make your choice and order your little guilty pleasure; a pogo, a poutine or a Michigan to eat on site, please!

D1 – D2 – D3

Tribal Fest

For a crazy weekend!

If you can, come to Shawi the last weekend of July! The whole family will be happy to attend the Tribal Fest, a unique event where the spirits are high. Climbing, skateboarding, music and street sports are in the spotlight. Breathtaking performances by athletes in a rejuvenating, waterfront setting. We enjoy a moment of rest in the hammocks, and we admire the local talent!


Beach, picnic and sandcastle
Beach, picnic and sandcastle
Slush and mini-putt
Slush and mini-putt
Poutine and michigan
Poutine and michigan
Tribal Fest
Tribal Fest
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Getaway and eat with family

In camping and at the beach in La Mauricie National Park.

Have the giggles

With the classic mini-putt!

Continue or start the summer tradition

At the emblematic potato trailers…straight or curly fries?

Have fun the entire weekend

At Tribal Fest during the last weekend of July.

Marianne Buissière

There you go!

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