You, the outdoor lover who likes to enjoy nature by yourself, and chose to come in Shawinigan for a few days: GOOD PICK! Let me be your personal guide and suggest my favorites in order to make your stay memorable.

My personal favorites

Are you planning to come and discover Shawi solo? It’s always a pleasure to share my local favorites! If you meet me, don’t hesitate to come and talk to me.




A daring dinner

Start your stay by going to Restaurant Zélé located in the coeur villageois de Sainte-Flore. This is where all my senses are conquered. Every. Single. Time! Le Zélé is a bistro cuisine with a regional flavor offered by a bold Chef and his team. We go there for the impressive selection of gin, the cod fish, the black garlic fries and the striploin, as well as their really GREAT staff!


Parc de l'Île Melville

Camping for all tastes!

Then I suggest you spend the night in my getaway spot in the heart of the city, the parc de l’Île Melville! In camping mode, ready-to-camp or even in a chalet on a site bordered by the Saint-Maurice river, there’s nothing more you could ask for! Want to spoil yourself? You can also live a top-of-the-line experience of nautical accommodation and spend the night in a floating studio.


Saint-Maurice River

In downtown area!

The next day, go behind Meubles Jacob, in the heart of downtown, you’ll have an easy access to water where you’ll be able to put your paddleboard in the water. This friendly site offers grassy areas perfect for inflating your board and a large parking lot facing the river to get ready. Psst! This is where you can enjoy the most beautiful rainbows in town!

tous les jours dimanche - Vincent H

Tous les jours dimanche

Hard to choose!

You then have to stop by the bakery Tous les jours dimanche! You absolutely have to try: the soup (any of them), their famous tarte au ciel (sky pie), the savory ham and goat cheese muffins, the mushroom spread and the rustic loaf – in the order of your choice! Julie and her team, in addition to being good at cooking, are super friendly!


Mont des jeunes

Happy hour at sunset.

Let’s go to the Mont des Jeunes to enjoy your feast! This well-kept place overlooks the majestic Saint-Maurice river. This is where I like to drop off, have an aperitif and a snack after a day of paddleboard in the Baie de Shawi. The view is just spectacular, and the sunsets are surreal. Bring a blanket to settle in. NB: The site is not developed or equipped. There’s no amenities or services.


Downtonw boutiques

Sports and craft products

As soon as you’re done enjoying your coffee by the water, under the rays of the morning sun, it’s time for some shopping at Le Yéti, a shop in the downtown area, specialized in running, cycling and skiing. An essential destination for sporty and adventurous spirits, this is THE spot to go! The team is friendly, passionate and dedicated. We go there for a quick puncture repair, to find new hiking shoes or to fall in love with a Patagonia sweater jacket! If you want to discover other nice shops, stop by Uni-Vert des Artisans and Écogriffe. A must !



Climb in trees!

Back at the parc de l’Île Melville, you’ll be spoiled by the numerous choices of activities. Explore kilometers of biking and hiking trails, test your abilities on one of the Arbraska trails or even rent a watercraft to explore the surroundings!


462 Tamarac

The perfect atmosphere

Peckish? 462 Tamarac is waiting for you! A chillax atmosphere, an eclectic decor, a selection of natural wines, charcuterie, pizzas cooked in a wood oven, microbrewery beers, drinks concocted with love, and a huge terrace in the street. All this, proposed by a passionate, epicurean, traveler who knew how to transpose all her passion in the 462 Tamarac.
Who knows, maybe you’ll have the chance to enjoy one of their theme parties that’ll take you in a parallel universe!?


Paddle board
Paddle board
Beers and good food
Beers and good food
Wow hiking
Wow hiking
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Have dinner in a warm atmosphere

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Put your paddle board in the water

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Have a picnic

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Enjoy a place that doesn't exist anywhere else

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There you go!

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