Inspo on what to do downtown in winter

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By Tourisme Shawi’s team

Route available by clicking here or at the tourist office

Take the pulse of downtown Shawinigan and its different facets by strolling its streets, alleys and green spaces, or white – depending on the season! This “bulle urbaine” offers different options according to your interests. Here’s just a glimpse of the treasures to be discovered.

Exceptionally well located in a bay of the majestic Saint-Maurice River, facing the Île Melville, where the emblematic Cité de l’énergie stands, downtown Shawinigan is a must to be discovered! Start your urban adventure by contacting the tourist information office. Contact us for advice: phone, Messenger or email! We love whispering good addresses in our visitors’ ears.

The Promenade du Saint-Maurice has always been one of Shawinigan’s favorite spots. Its unique balustrade and incredible views of the Saint-Maurice River contribute to its reputation. This is the perfect place to take pictures and admire the sunsets, especially in the winter!

The Promenade is bordered by a park at each end. Walk from the Parc des Veterans to the Parc du Saint-Maurice. Take out your cellphone as you pass a historic panel, turn on your camera and scan the CultureGo code to learn a wealth of additional information.

Psst: Did you know that downtown Shawinigan is inspired by New York urban planning? And yes, just like the Big Apple, Shawi too has its Broadway Avenue, its numbered streets and its green oasis – very popular with residents. The Parc du Saint-Maurice was also designed by the same firm that the famous Central Park. 

Take Avenue Broadway and then 5e rue de la Pointe to get to the imposing Art Deco style town hall! Read the historical panels to discover Shawinigan’s history and its origins.

Head towards 2e rue de la Pointe, a charming street with mature trees. Then go up avenue Mercier to 5e rue de la Pointe. Make a stop in the boutiques (Abaka, Cadeau chez Guy, Mille et un talon, Librairie Poirier, Le Yéti, l’Uni-Vert des Artisans, Boutique at Pas, Boutique Harnois and many others*), continue for a gourmet stop in a café, restaurant or a bakery.

Go to the Place du Marché and climb the stairs at the far end at your own pace. Take rue Paulin to cross the pedestrian bridge. Once across, continue on Avenue de la Station to rue des Érables, where the architecture of the houses is simply magnificent!

You find yourself where the families of the factory managers lived at the time. At the end, stop for a moment at the belvedere to take a picture of the Saint-Maurice River’s basin and the Cité de l’énergie, before going down Rue Cascade to the Info Shawi information center. End your promenade with a selfie, if you feel like it!

A great way to discover our downtown!

Level: easy, except two climbs

Distance: 4km

Duration: About 1 hour (without stopping – but take the time to stroll)

Cost: Free

*Attention! The opening hours of some businesses may vary.

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