Gourmet mini hike in Shawinigan

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By Tourisme Shawi’s team

Do you have a few hours ahead of you? Want to get some fresh air and take a break from your everyday life in the middle of nature without going miles away? Here is the “Bulle” designed for you! The gourmet mini hike requires little preparation, equipment and travel. It’s perfect for an improvised escape just a stone’s throw from the bustle of the city.

Above all, a stop to stock up on food is a must! There are plenty of options where you can buy everything you need for a picnic in Shawi. Here are the top 3, according to Shawinigan residents:

  • Is it the quality of the fresh produce, the warm welcome of the merchants or the local atmosphere that make the reputation of the Marché public de Shawinigan? All these answers at once! Stuffed olives with tartars, the essential cheese curds with creamy shrimp mousse, bubble tea with baklava… Your basket will certainly be full when you leave! Open Wednesday to Sunday.

  • Yummy…The smell of fresh bread and the comforting taste of homemade products from the bakery Tous les jours dimanche make us salivate just thinking about it. To each his own classic, it’s up to you to discover yours! A soft bread sandwich served with a salad and a refreshing homemade lemonade is the perfect combination for a picnic. Open Wednesday to Saturday (hours may vary).

  • What makes many Shawinigan residents fall in love with Pâtisserie Le Palais is the wide variety of healthy prepared meals, its vegan and keto options, but, above all, its sweet treats! Come in, close your eyes, point your finger to the counter overflowing with chocolates, cakes and pastries and let your sweet treat choose you. Open every day.

You’re now equipped to satisfy your taste buds! It’s time to get busy before you get stuffed. Is your stomach already crying out for food? Rest assured, you’re only a few kilometers away from a total change of scenery.

Go to Parc de la Rivière Shawinigan via rue Trudel (route 351) or from Highway 55, exit 217 south towards downtown. When you arrive, you’ll know it’s the perfect spot to stretch your legs, tease the fish and enjoy a picnic!

Level: easy, slightly hilly

Distance: 7 km round trip

Duration: 120 minutes

Cost: Free Linear, paved and lit trail.

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