I consider myself a “local”, a member of my immediate community. I like to discover my surroundings; the associations, the businesses and the people around me. There are always things to discover and appreciate in order to better share them with others.
rang st-michel - Yves

Rangs St-Pierre and St-Michel

I particularly like these routes in Shawinigan-Sud. Cycling through evry turn makes me feel good. A pleasure for the 5 senses, a balm for the mind and a great physical exercise. Don’t forget to stop at the historic rest area at the tow rows’ junction to learn about the history of this part of Shawinigan-Sud, which was very alive with its many families, its train station, its renowned tree-picker and its row schools.

belvedert lambert - André-Jean


I really have a special attachment to my area, Shawinigan-Sud, where I was born, where I studied, worked and lived with my family. The Lambert belvedere, the Parc de l’Île-Melville (secteur des Chutes) for the 4 seasons trails, la Promenade of the Avenue du Capitaine-Veilleux are places that I particularly like. Don’t miss a stop at the Grille-Pain du Coin, a newly installed bakery on the commercial avenue, 105th Avenue.


Église Notre-Dame de la Présentation – Ozias Leduc

A big favorite for mine is the works of Ozias Leduc in this small church, located near the river in the area that used to be called Almaville en bas. I was born there, and I even had the chance to see this great artist at work in his studio and in the church. We’re really lucky to have rubbed shoulders with this great artist and to have such a treasure in Shawinigan! It’s a hidden treasure that should not be missed when visiting Shawi.


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