Mini road trip in Shawinigan

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By Tourisme Shawi’s Team

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What about getting away from downtown and discovering the surroundings by car? That’s right, we suggest a self-drive tour by car or on a motorcycle! The essentials for this getaway: binoculars, a road trip playlist and why not a picnic?

Ready? Let’s go, head to the Belvédère Lambert. Located on a hill, it’s the perfect spot for a good view of Shawi, the sunsets and the Saint-Maurice River. Pssst! It’s also one of the best places to observe the colors in the fall. The parking lot is on the 109e Street. We love the belvedere with its benches and panels filled with information about our Shawi. On the right, under the shelter, there’s another view of nature and the meandering river.

We roam the countryside of the Shawinigan-Sud sector by the rang Saint-Pierre with its fields, agricultural land and farms far from the hilly road. When you’ve reached the cross, take a break. Historical panels tell the story of these roads when the first families settled there. It was buzzing with life!

Continue on your way, turning left on rang Saint-Michel. This time the country houses are closer to the road and to each other, we find a beautiful proximity to the forest, the pine forests. You can smell nature and fresh air.

Be sure to stop by the Boisvert fruit and vegetable kiosk. You’ll also find homemade pies and other homemade products.

Pssst… Art and Culture Bonsai have a new location, it’s located at 3530, 105e Avenue. The store offers a wide selection of bonsai and pre-bonsai as well as a large choice of pottery, tools, substrates and tying wires imported from Japan. It’s also a nice gift shop. You’ll pass by so take the time to stop. You’ll see, it’s worth it!

From here, your stomach will be begging for a stop…for a comforting coffee, an ice cream, or even a picnic. Open your eyes, several choices are available, according to your desires:

– Sensée Épicerie Spécialisée, 2090 105e Ave

– M.A. Poissonnerie, 2093 Avenue Champlain

– Dairy Queen, 1700 105 e Ave

– Cantine C’Si bon, 1720 105 e Ave

Santé Taouk, 1905 105 e Ave

– Tzav Bistro-Pizz, 1600 105 e Ave

– Angelika Restaurant, 2035 105 e Ave

– Thai-Prasat Ankor, 1785 105 e Ave

– OPA!, 1825 105 e Ave

And hop! Here we go again on our journey through Shawi!

If you want to take a closer look at the river, go for a walk, take a little detour to the Promenade du Capitaine-Veilleux, the parking lot is at the bottom of the hill just to your left. Known to kayakers and fishermen, head to the Rapides des hêtres sector for a picnic or simply to admire the scenery. If you’re the type to have your fishing rod with you, this area is known to host walleye, smallmouth bass, pike and rainbow trout.

Continue your journey to Lac-à-la-Tortue. It’s so beautiful, the proximity of the lake, the winding road: it’s time to play your favorite song. Turn up the volume, go around!

We end our journey with the Coeur villageois de Saint-Jean-des-Piles and Coeur villageois de Sainte-Flore. In the village of Saint-Jean-des-piles, stop at the Parc Étienne-Bellemare (temporarily closed). Pssst! We prefer the second entrance, where there are several picnic tables, a gazebo and a path lined with sculptures. Depending on the time and your type of craving, here are some restaurant ideas:



Extend your outing with a stop at Parc de la Rivière-Shawinigan – Beaupré bridge, intended for adventurers, on the left, near the fir tree, the trail takes you to the waterfall. Make the loop, taking the bike path, a path on the left takes you to the foot of the waterfall. Clearly a well-kept secret.

Distance: About 90km

Duration: About 4 hours

Psst… For maximum pleasure, take a screenshot of the itinerary and/or print it to accompany you during your journey!

If you have a question about this bubble, contact us! It’ll be our pleasure to help you.

*Attention! The opening hours of some businesses may vary.

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