Assumed epicurean, I appreciate everything Shawi has to offer in nature, culture, delicacies. I also love to walk, dance, taste, pedal, contemplate and drink Shawi.

My Favorites

Francis Brisson - Sandie

La Maison de la Culture Francis-Brisson

My daughter would tell you it’s a princess castle, I tell you it’s the most beautiful cultural space in the region! Lovers of intimate shows will be seduced by its cozy atmosphere and the high class of its places. We like to stretch out our late evenings there, after the 4th encore, trying to convince the bartender to push back his last call!

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We cried their departure when the mythical Ent’2 Tranche closed, we get them back with great happiness in a brand-new setting; The Olivia -Table gourmande’s host and pastry chef Cindy’s cream donuts will give you a taste of what heaven is all about.

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Restaurant Taj Mahal

Who would have thought we could eat real Indian food on a Wednesday evening in January, in the middle of a snowstorm, in the depths of the Mauricie region?! Like an oasis in a desert of snow, the Taj Mahal is THE place in town to warm up to the sounds, colors and flavors of India. A very small restaurant, which makes us dream of very long trips.

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Parc de la rivière Shawinigan

Whether solo for an express run at the end of the day, with the family to tease the fish or as a couple for a picnic between 2 meetings, this is the ideal place to relax. This place is so easily accessible, there is no reason not to enjoy the perks of nature, between two urban activities!

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série du diable - Yves

La Série du diable

The evenings stretch out in Shawi on this serie of races happening a few evenings by summer. I love the post-race atmosphere, this meeting where nearly 1,000 people come to celebrate their active lifestyle with family, friends and colleagues. This feeling of belonging to Shawi makes us stronger, makes us run faster!

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L’Orme de Sainte-Flore

Impossible to miss, it’s the soul of the Coeur villageois de Ste-Flore. Its majestic port envelops us and inspires respect. Recognized by many scientists and amateurs as one of the oldest elms in Mauricie, the simple fact of looking at it invigorates us, imagine what it’s like when we embrace it!! Who would have thought that a simple tree could move an entire village?

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