You, the culture lover who likes to have a good time with your friends, and chose to come in Shawinigan for a few days: GOOD PICK! Let me be your personal guide and suggest my favorites in order to make your stay memorable.


In the fall, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a festive weekend with friends! Why not build your getaway around a musical show or a fun event? Fun, laughter, and a ton of stories to tell, here’s what the perfect weekend could look like.



Fun event

Spoiled for choice!

Choose from a musical show at the Microbrasserie Broadway or at the Salon Wabasso, a DJ evening at 462 Tamarac or at the BrouePub and Restaurant le Trou du Diable. You can opt for the Trou du Diable Lager and Boucane event which is going to be a beautiful Saturday outdoors with guest microbreweries, entertainment, smoked meat snacks and wood-fired pizzas!


Le Palace

Regain strength over breakfast

Need a big breakfast after partying all night? Go for a late breakfast at the restaurant Palace, in the Grand-Mère sector. Why? Well, simply because it’s a classic, a tradition.


Public market

Stock up on food

After breakfast, head to the Marché Public de Shawinigan (public market), the Nobert butcher shop and the Shack à bière (beer shack) to do some shopping! Perfect if you feel a bit peckish, and to bring home some delicious products.


Dés Truqués

Relaxing moment

Depending on whether you party late into the night on Friday or Saturday, a less intense evening (but just as fun!) is on the menu for the other night! The Dés Truqués is THE spot in Shawi to discover a wide range of board games and play inside in a cozy atmosphere. You can also buy your favorite game! Chez Guy gift shop is also an excellent place if your board game cabinet needs some new items.


Resto-Lounge le Radoteux

Friendly staff

For dinner, it is at the Resto-Lounge le Radoteux that it happens. The team is super friendly, and the cuisine varied. Don’t forget to order onion rings for starters!


Marina de Grand-Mère

Panoramic view

On Sunday, I suggest walking in the Parc de la Rivière Grand-Mère to the Marina de Grand-Mère, to enjoy the view from the new observatory. Another option, walk on the Thibaudeau-Ricard trail observing the ruins of the Belgo factory, decorated by urban artists. The colorful landscapes of fall will amaze you!

tous les jours dimanche - Léonie

Tous les jours dimanche

Say ho to Julie!

Before leaving, a stop is essential at the bakery Tous les jours dimanche. Julie, the owner, offers a lunch menu, but also delicious coffee and fresh pastries.


Events and shows
Events and shows
Local flavors
Local flavors
Lots of fun
Lots of fun
Grandiose landscapes
Grandiose landscapes
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Live an entertaining experience

Surrounded by over 1,500 board games.

Stay up late

With a show and a lively end of the evening.

Regain strength

With the pastries of Tous les jours dimanche.

Enjoy the view

At the brand new observation tower.

There you go!

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