You, the foodie who likes to enjoy simple moments as a couple, and chose to come in Shawinigan for a few days: GOOD PICK! Let me be your personal guide and suggest my favorites in order to make your stay memorable.

My personal favorites

For my boyfriend and I, having a little weekend in Shawi in the summer means terraces, beers & food, park, and river! It’s time to take advantage of the good places, have good meals, and also enjoy our National Park and the Saint-Maurice river.


Chenapan - Jacinthe C

Le Chenapan

Downtown terrace

Friday night, we’re going to celebrate the end of the week on the Chenapan terrace! This is the perfect location right in the downtown area. Their daily menu of local beers and beverages is varied and if their “Chili Dog” is on the menu, jump on it for a taste. If you’re a tartar lover, you’ve come to the right place as well!

tous les jours dimanche - Sandrine

Tous les jours dimanche

Stock up on food for lunch

Saturday morning, we leave for the La Mauricie National Park and we make a short stop at the bakery Tous les jours dimanche to buy our homemade sandwiches – the asparagus one is to die for (offered in season)! You also have to taste their couscous salad and don’t forget their lemonade.


La Mauricie National Park

Active or relaxed style

At La Mauricie National Park, you’ll find something for everyone. If you’re active, you can rent a boat for a few hours and discover the majestic Wapizagonke Lake … If you’re more of a swimming and relaxation type, this is also the ideal place. Don’t forget to get your feet wet and climb the cascades just across the suspension bridge in the Shewenegan area!

BW Micro - Céline N

BW Microbrewery

A wow terrace!

On the way back, a well-deserved break at the Broadway Microbrewery is mandatory! Their all-wood terrace, which the owners built themselves, is magnificent. In the evening, the beautiful lights, hung in the trees, create an atmosphere that’s both festive and rustic. It’s just beautiful! You have to taste their beers, brewed on site, and if the Katana is on the menu, you must try it. And if you ever want something original, go crazy by tasting their white beer Mojito, it’s so refreshing.


2800 du parc

Carpe diem for a day…

Sunday, after a late morning, we suggest you push on to Saint-Jean-des-Piles to enjoy a big cup of your morning latte at Le 2800 du Parc. It’s the perfect spot to relax, chat and gently wake up to the sound of the river! THE view is sensational and if you’re a little bit hungry, their restaurant will satisfy your stomach. The menu is not long, but sufficiently appetizing by offering local and/or homemade products. If, by any chance, you have your bikes, this is the perfect starting point for a ride in the area. For my part, I’ll wait for my boyfriend – gone on a bike ride – at the water’s edge while relaxing with a good coffee or a local beer, according to my desire of the moment!


Pâtisserie le Palais

A treat to take out

To end the weekend, we’ll stop at the Pâtisserie Le Palais, buy 2 small “mousse squares”, the passion-mango/chocolate one for me and chocolate/salted caramel for my boyfriend! Nothing better to have fun on a summer Sunday evening!


Wow landscapes
Wow landscapes
Beers et food
Beers et food
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Sit down at a terrace

To eat or only for a drink.

Take a deep breath

At La Mauricie National Park, stoping by Saint-Jean-des-Piles.

Stock up on food

For a picnic or to take back home.

Jules fromage et convives personna couple - Céline N

Simply enjoy the moment

During all your stay.

There you go!

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