You, the culture lover who chose to come in Shawinigan for a few days: GOOD PICK! Let me be your personal guide and suggest my favorites in order to make your stay memorable.

My personal favorites

This summer, on Friday evenings, it’s happening at the Place du Marché on 5th street. A short stop for dinner at one of the two roulottes Beauparlant for a Michigan and their famous fries! You can attend a free music show starting at 8:30 p.m.!

And the dream stay continues here…


Marina de Grand-Mère

See the figure de prouesse

Saturday morning, we head to Grand-Mère. A lunch at La Mie de Grand-Mère bakery and a walk to the Marina where you can admire the view. A giant metal lady sits comfortably on one of the concrete columns. Go say hello!

MA poissonnerie marché public - Sandrine

Downtown and Marché

Local flavors lunch

On the way back to downtown Shawi, passing through the city instead of the highway, go through the hill of rue Champlain, a huge mural painting on a two wall sections is worth the detour. A stop at the Marché public de Shawinigan for lunch is a very good idea. You can then cross over the street to the Étoile Polaire (ice cream parlor) for a frozen yogurt!


Ruelle interzone

Open-air museum

In the afternoon, you must stop by the Ruelle Interzone (between 4th and 5th rue de la Pointe) where more than thirty art works can be seen. It’s literally an open-air museum, accessible by the 5th rue de la Pointe on the left of the Globe Steakhouse. Passing there, you’re assured not to miss anything. But keep an eye out, there’s plenty to see everywhere (even on 5th)!

Taj Mahal - Le Nhu an

Taj Mahal and Tdd

And the colorful steps

You can then have dinner at Taj Mahal, which is a bring your own wine restaurant. The perfect plan is to get yourself some take out beer at the Trou du Diable Broue-pub & restaurant next door! At the end of the alley, behind the Pub, you can also see the most beautiful and colorful steps in the whole city!

spectacle nocturne cité de l'énergie - Jean-Math

Night Show

At the emblematic Cité

To complete this day, you can enjoy a show in an open-air amphitheater at the Cité de l’énergie. If you have the chance to climb up in the observation tower, it is breathtaking. The view of the whole area is amazing.


Tous les jours dimanche

For a picnic

On Sunday morning, you can have a croissant, fruit salad and coffee at the artisan bakery Tous les jours dimanche. We take the opportunity to pick up what it takes to have a picnic. A lemonade, a cookie and a sandwich should be just fine.


Poirier Bookstore

For vacation reading

A quick trip to the Poirier bookstore to look at what’s new and then to Librissime where you can find incredible used books.


Centre Léo-Ayotte

Exhibitions and Visual arts

To end this journey on a good note, I invite you to spend part of the afternoon at Léo-Ayotte, an exhibition center where you can see visual arts exhibitions on two floors for free! Enjoy your visit!


Outdoor shows
Outdoor shows
Street art
Street art
Food and wine
Food and wine
You can also see my favorites here

Feel the vibe!

With the free outdoor shows et a good poutine.

interzone - Julie P

Discover the animated alleys

In the ruelle interzone and the colorful steps of carré Willow.

Take the time to stroll

In the bookstores and at the marché public.

spectacle nocturne cité de l'énergie - Jean-Math

Be amazed

With the free exhibitions or the night shows.

Surprise your taste buds

During all your stay with bakeries and new world flavors.

There you go!

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