You, the culture lover who chose to come to Shawinigan for a few days: GOOD PICK! Let me be your personal guide and suggest my favorites in order to make your stay memorable.


For a solo cultural stay in fall

Between culture, arts, good food and nature, it is with great pleasure that I share some suggestions for you to make the most of a short stay in Shawi this fall!



Factrie 701

Unleash your curiosity

If, like me, you are passionate about art and culture, I suggest you go to Factrie 701, a workshop and art gallery housed in a former factory, in the Grand-Mère sector. Exhibition, conference, or workshop, you will find your happiness among the possibilities! While you are still in the Grand-Mère sector, take the opportunity to eat a ‘Michigan’ hot dog at the snack bar L’Ami du passant.


Marina de Grand-Mère

Say hi to the giant metal lady

Saturday morning, head for the Grand-Mère sector. You can have breakfast at La Mie de Grand-Mère bakery and go for a walk to the Marina where you can admire the view. A giant metal lady sits comfortably on one of the concrete columns. Go say hello to her!


Centre Leo Ayotte

Visit the exhibitions

On Saturday, a visit to the Leo Ayotte exhibition center is a must. It spreads over 2 floors and offers exhibitions of professional contemporary art artists, but also interactive exhibitions of a digital, scientific, heritage or educational nature.


Swimming pool

Enjoy a few laps

Then, head to the pool for a swim! From September to June, the Centre des arts pool offers open swim sessions – perfect to exercise in heated water! Psst. Bring your bathing cap, it is mandatory!

Taj Mahal - Le Nhu an

Taj Mahal Restaurant

And find the colorful stairs!

For dinner, I suggest you try the Taj mahal restaurant, where you can bring your own wine. After that, you can get yourself some beer at the Trou du Diable which is next just door! (At the end of the alley behind the Pub, you can also see the most beautiful and colorful steps in the whole city!)


Thibaudeau-Ricard trail

Admire the fall colors

Sunday, put on your sneakers for a short hike on the Thibaudeau-Ricard trail. This is the perfect place to enjoy the fall colors!


Tous les jours dimanche

Treat yourself with a nice lunch

I suggest you end this beautiful weekend with a good hot soup at Tous Les Jours Dimanche. The dining room is reopened! The vegetable soup and the beetroot cake remind me of what my parents used to cook when I was a kid. Pure happiness.


Grandiose landscapes
Grandiose landscapes
Urban art
Urban art
Local flavors
Local flavors
Museums and exhibitions
Museums and exhibitions
You can also see my favorites here.

Unleash your creativity

In a one-of-a-kind workshop and art gallery.

interzone - Julie P

Discover lively alleys

In the ‘Interzone’ street, and the colorful steps of the Carré Willow.

Go say hello

To the giant metal lady at Marina de Grand-Mère.


Different exhibitions and shows.

Satisfy your taste buds

With the bakeries and flavors of the world.

There you go!

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