Dog Friendly Activities in Shawi

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By Anaïs El Younsi

Want to bring your pooch along during your vacation in Shawi? It’s possible! Parks, beaches, hiking trails, restaurant terraces, accommodation… Here is a list of places where you can stroll in peace with your furry companion.

Outdoor terraces

  • Terrace of the Broadway Microbrewery: to enjoy a good beer, while enjoying the superb terrace created from recycled materials. The wooden tables and lights installed under the trees add to the already inviting experience.
  • Terrace of the Chenapan restaurant: for a drink and a good meal in downtown Shawinigan, where you will be welcomed by a friendly staff in a beautiful atmosphere. Plus, your dog won’t feel left out!
  • Terrasse of Santé Taouk restaurant: for a break in the Shawinigan-Sud sector. Your furry friend can enjoy the terrace, while you savor homemade Lebanese dishes. Bonus: freshness and exceptional value for money!
  • Terrasse of the Pacini restaurant: to eat Italian while enjoying an incredible location in the heart of the city center, on the Promenade du Saint-Maurice, as well as a view of the unique Cité de l’énergie and the majestic river.

Psst! Did you know that the creamery ‘Bar Laitier l’Étoile Polaire’ in Shawinigan offers a frozen treat specially designed for dogs? A great reward if your pet behaved well!


Dog parks

Two dog exercise areas are accessible every day from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Bring your furry companion to have fun in a safe space specially designed for this purpose!


Several accommodations accept animals (sometimes under conditions, and/or for a small additional amount). Get informed before your stay, so you can take your dog to the campsite or hotel of your dreams!

The best thing is to always inform yourself before you go, to avoid unpleasant surprises and enjoy a peaceful stay!

Everywhere, politeness apply: we keep our doggies on a leash when requested, we pick up their poop at all times, and we make sure that they do not disturb the tranquility of the place. After that, all you have to do is enjoy with your dog in Shawi!!!

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