Winter outdoor getaway in Shawinigan

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By Tourisme Shawi’s Team

Nothing’s better than being in the forest on a snowmobile to take full advantage of the abundant winter snow! If you think like us, read on to see Shawi’s back country!

For this getaway, here is your list of essentials: a snowmobile, a lunch, a dozen logs, newspaper, a fire starter, and a blanket if needed.

You don’t have any gear? Go to Maximum Aventure, the  ultimate company for snowmobile rentals. Located near the trails, between Quebec and Montreal, this company offers all included packages for snowmobile rentals. They even offer guided trips. They are specialists in motorized recreational activities. You’ll receive very good advice there.

Wondering what to pack in your cooler? The Marché public de Shawinigan, a public market opened Wednesday to Sunday, brings together around twenty merchants under one roof, you’ll find local and daily fresh products. Here are some ideas:

  • The hot and sweet smoked salmon nuggets from M.A. Poissonnerie melt in your mouth, they are eaten cold and can be accompanied by a host of other bites.

  • At Mamia Prêt à Manger, there are more than 25 salad flavors prepared on site. Apparently, their Waldorf salad, made with red and green apples, red grapes, peaches, yogurt and mayonnaise is worth the detour! Pssst! They have a great variety of sandwiches too.

  • What about Yvan du Fromage, the dean of the Marché Public who, for more than 30 years, has offered cheese in all its forms. Its star product is without a doubt the garlic and herb cheddar, and you can also get some homemade chips to go with your cheese. YUMMY!!

  • Sweet tooth? At Menthe Marocaine, you’ll find fresh dates and baklava. Even weeks after Rachid gave us a taste, we are still salivating!

Well, there you go, with everything you need for a memorable day, back to the journey:

Route: Round trip to the Pourvoirie du Lac-Blanc (202 km)

From the first kilometers on the path, you’ll see a hill, which is, in itself, a superb observation tower from which it’s possible to admire the panoramic view. At this point, you’re precisely at Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel. Even if you’ve only just started your getaway, take the time to stop. It’s more than worth it! After all, we want to enjoy the moment!

Continue your way to reach the Passage à la Gabelle. Caution is required here. The proximity to the river reminds us how much nature is omnipresent in Shawi and around.

The memorable moment of this round trip is certainly the Magnan falls. They’re located between Charette and St-Paulin. The bridge over the stream and the falls is worthy of a postcard.

When you get to the Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc, it’s time to refuel, this resort is open year-round and is recognized for these various activities. Take the time to relax before retracing your steps.

We love:

Incredible sunsets at La Gabelle. Simply spectacular! Their various shades of orange and pink always leave us speechless.

The panoramic view from the top of the mountain at Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel. When we say that Shawi is a city in nature, well, it all makes sense from the top of this hill because of the panoramic view. It’s also a nice spot to stop to eat and make a fire.

The falls at Magnan. Definitely one of the highlights of this getaway, between St-Paulin and Charette, the Magnan Falls are the ideal spot to stretch your legs and simply enjoy the splendours of winter.

Good to know tips: We used the website of the Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec: to plan our route. It’s also possible to download the mobile application. This map is perfect to see the services accessible on the routes such as shelters, restaurants, gas stations, etc. You can also design your own itinerary.

Pssst! The starting point for your escapade can be in different locations according to your preferences. There’s a starting point from the parking lot of Maximun Location, another from an one of the accommodations offered to you below (that you’ll have chosen beforehand) or simply from the beginning of the proposed trail.

Snowmobile friendly accomodations:

  • Le 2800 du Parc located along the snowmobile’s trails and a short distance from the proposed route.

If you have a question about this “Bulle” or you’d like to get suggestions to extend your getaway, contact us! It’ll be our pleasure to help you.

Click here to see the route from Maximum Aventure. However, it’s possible to start from a parking lot on the route or from one of the hotels indicated.

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