Winter mini hike in Shawinigan

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By Tourisme Shawi’s Team

A stone’s throw from downtown, Parc de l’Île Melville – Secteur des Chutes, has always transported us into the heart of nature. How lucky we are! For this adventure, you need a few things depending on the trail conditions and the type of hike you want: Walking poles, snowshoes and/or crampons, snack and drink, camera, headlamp, blanket!

Beginner or contemplative:

We suggest a round trip of approximately 1.25 km from the Parc de l’Île Melville – Secteur des Chutes’ parking lot. Follow the yellow beacons that lead you to the belvedere.

Pssst! There are two benches that offer a magnificent view of the falls, bring a blanket, a thermos and a snack. Take the time to relax and chat!

Intermediate or Adventurer:

We suggest a 4 km loop, always starting from the first parking lot at Parc de l’Île Melville – Secteur des Chutes.

On your way, follow the yellow beacons to reach the belvedere, a magnificent view of the falls of the Shawinigan River.

Pssst! Did you know that on May 10, 1652, according to a legend, the Jesuit Jacques Buteux was ambushed, tortured and thrown into “Le Trou du Diable (devil’s hole), Shawinigan falls” during his second trip to the Attikameks in Haut-St- Maurice? In short, when you are at the belvedere and the water of the falls is at its minimum, it is possible to see the famous Trou du Diable (devil’s hole).

The route continues along the Shawinigan River/passage des chutes and occasionally offers a view of the Shawinigan -2 hydroelectric power station, a power station that’s one of the 25 main achievements of Canadian engineering in the 20th century. During this part of the journey, you’ll have the option of doing the boucle du diable (devil’s loop) which will take you under the railway company bridge. You’ll then have a privileged view of the hydroelectric power stations.

Halfway, on the tip, the view of the Saint-Maurice River is simply superb and the light that pierces the snow-laden trees is just magnificent!

At the second intersection, take the difficult section for 350 meters. There’s a viewpoint over the Baie de Shawinigan and the river towards the Gabelle dam, which is well worth the short detour. Nice place to sip a hot drink and eat a snack.

Pssst! The park offers nocturnal signage allowing you to take the trail even in the dark with a headlamp.

This adventure is a great excuse for one or more rewards. Here are some ideas*:

  • The quality of the fresh products and the friendly welcome of the Trou du diable – Broue pub & restaurant is always a good idea! They offer chips with various flavors : Yucca, pepperettes, Aleppo cheese and Jerk Steak that fit well in a backpack. Made with fresh, premium ingredients, it’s just what you need. It’s quite possible that you’ll never be able to do without it again!

  • In a warm atmosphere, the friendly baristas of Café Morgane welcome you by preparing real specialty coffees: Espresso, cappuccino, latte… To take away, enjoy one of the lunches accompanied by a soup, in a thermos.

  • Yummy…The smell of fresh bread and the comforting taste of homemade products from the bakery Tous les jours dimanche makes us salivate just thinking about it. To each his own classic, it’s up to you to discover yours! A soft bread sandwich accompanied by a sweet and a hot drink, this is the perfect combination for your adventure.

  • What makes many Shawinigan residents fall in love with Pâtisserie Le Palais is its wide variety of healthy prepared meals, its vegan and keto options, but above all its sweet treats! Come in, close your eyes, point to the counter overflowing with chocolates, cakes and pastries and let your sweet treat choose you.

Level: contemplative or adventurous

Distance: 1.25 or 4 km

Average duration: 1h or 2h

Cost: free Dogs on leash admitted.

*Attention! The opening hours of some businesses may vary.

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