You, the foodie who is curious, likes to spend time with your family, and chose to come in Shawinigan for a few days: GOOD PICK! Let me be your personal guide and suggest my favorites in order to make your stay memorable.


In the fall, our ideal family getaway definitely includes nature walks! Whether it’s for the duration of a hike, or longer if you book a few nights in an accommodation, there is plenty to do in Shawi. Are you ready? Let’s go for the adventure!



St-Antoine restaurant

Get together around a good dish

Are you looking for a restaurant on this first evening? I recommend the St-Antoine. Located in an ancestral house in the heart of the Sainte-Flore sector, you’ll instantly feel good in its cozy atmosphere. Several land and sea dishes are on the menu for parents, and children will love the chocolate profiteroles!

Grille-pain du coin - Céline N

Le grille-pain du coin

Buy items for your picnic and more

Saturday, start by buying a picnic to take with you during your hike. Stop by the bakery Le Grille-Pain Du Coin for cheese bread, cake pops and slices of pizza! You can also buy good poutine sausages from the butchershop called Boucherie Nobert, it’s a delight!


Family hike

Many options to chose from!

Choose from a variety of hikes! Several itineraries are suitable for families, such as the Thibodeau-Ricard trail (3 km round trip), the Parc de l’Ile Melville ‘secteur des chutes’ (15 km of trails), or Vallée Rocanigan (open until 30th of October 2022). Please note, La Mauricie National Park is temporarily closed from October 2022. Whatever your choice, it will be perfect to enjoy nature!


Swimming pool or library

The kids will be happy

If the kids still have energy coming back from the hike, head to the indoor pool at the Center des arts (generally open until 4:30 p.m. on Saturdays)! Otherwise, a stop at the municipal library will allow the whole family to enjoy a moment of relaxation (generally open until 4:30 p.m. on Saturdays). Psst! The bookshop Librairie Poirier offers a great selection of kids books!


Le Chenapan restaurant

Dinner in downtown Shawi

For dinner, we stay in downtown Shawinigan and try the Chenapan! A local microbrewery beer accompanied by a tasty dish for the parents, a good burger for the kids – and everyone is happy!


Parc du Saint-Maurice

And lunch at the Roulottes Beauparlant

On Sunday, well wrapped up on a beautiful fall day, take your family to Parc du Saint-Maurice to enjoy the colors! Don’t forget to take a big blanket to stay warm. If the roulottes Beauparlant on 5th rue de la Pointe are still open (closing October 23, 2022), enjoy a pogo, a poutine, or even a Michigan!


Lots of fun
Lots of fun
Poutine and michigan
Poutine and michigan
Grandiose landscapes
Grandiose landscapes
You can also see my favorites here.

Disconnect in nature…

…and (re)connect as a family

Treat the kids

With a good book or a swimming pool session.

Visit an emblem of Shawinigan

The famous potato trailers… straight or curly fries?

Enjoy a good dish

And a good conversation at a cozy restaurant.

Marianne Buissière

There you go!

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