You, the culture lover who likes to get some action with your family, and chose to come in Shawinigan for a few days: GOOD PICK! Let me be your personal guide and suggest my favorites in order to make your stay memorable.

My personal favorites

Your can also see Angelina’s favorites and Léonidas’ favorites.

Ahhhh summer! The season to take the time to discover the magnificent and opulent Shawi by walk, by bike or on the water! It’s my favorite time with the family because it’s the time of the year when we allow ourselves to be carried away by our desires and our occasional needs, encouraged by the weather or an unexpected invitation!


D1 – D2

Shows and Tribal Fest

Large-scale events!

Children are particularly crazy about this season in town, because it often rhymes with all kinds of special permissions…
Bedtime is no longer important, thanks to the shows of the Grandes soirées du Vendredi at Un Été signé Shawi at the place du Marché, or because we decided to hold on to the Festival Tribal Fest. These two events give us amazing moments!



To see once or 32 times!

The routine of returning home has also been changed when we decide to visit for the thirty-second time (we will never get tired of it!) the open-air exhibition Interzone in the alley between the 4th and the 5th rue de la Pointe. This art gallery takes us to travel and rediscover this incongruous but inspiring place that invites quiet conversations and spontaneous exchanges between neighbours… in a back alley!


Escales fantastiques

Another world!

Speaking of alleys and streets, we remain on the lookout for the performances of the Escales fantastiques that invade our spaces to take us into a world that’s sometimes fantastic, sometimes mythical, but always extravagant. During a performance of theatre, music, acrobatics, clowns or puppets, we forget where we are, transported into the surreal universe of these street entertainers!


Bakeries and pastries

Downtown picnic

When the sun is out and the heat hangs on, we stay away from our kitchen… We then go to get a picnic at Tous les jours Dimanche and a dessert from the Pâtisserie le Palais to eat in the shade of the magnificent century-old trees of the majestic parc Saint-Maurice bordered by the river which brings us its refreshing breeze.


Onikam cultural space

Atikamekw culture

We extend the happiness of being inspired by our Mother Earth by going to the exhibition at the Onikam cultural space, a place of Atikamekw and Aboriginal cultural dissemination.


Downtown and Promenade

Walk and ice cream

Summer also means daily walks on the promenade du Saint-Maurice where we stop a few times to read about the history of the river on the historical interpretation panels, and where we stop very often (special permissions required) at the dairy shop Janoch for a frozen treat.

Cité de l'énergie - trolley bus Jacinthe

Cité de l'énergie

A must-see!

Don’t forget to do one (or more!) activity offered by the Cité de l’énergie in order to fully understand Shawinigan’s DNA and what constitutes our history, our wealth and our culture! On the water or by bus, with or without a guide, their exhibitions delight both tourists and Shawinigan residents. And when the sun quietly withdraws behind the trees at the end of the river, we climb to the highest peak of Shawinigan, in the tower, to enjoy the show!


Outdoor events and shows
Outdoor events and shows
Street art
Street art
Must-see museums
Must-see museums
You can also see my favorites here

Relax on the promenade du Saint-Maurice

No matter what time of the day it is, with something to eat or not.

Enjoy the cultural animation

On the place du Marché at night, or in the streets through the Escales fantastiques.

Let yourself be impressed

All weekend long at Tribal Fest.

Take your time and walk around the downtown area

In the different indoor and outdoor exhibitions.

Learn more and have a wow

During a city guided tour or at the top of the tower of la Cité de l’énergie.

There you go!

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