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Winter is the perfect time to…

Play outside, breathe the fresh air, relax with a latte ou a hot chocolate, enjoy good comfort food and more!

Downtown area

Take the pulse of downtown Shawinigan and its different facets by strolling its streets, alleys and green (or white!) spaces! This “Bulle urbaine” offers different options according to your interests. Here’s just a glimpse of the treasures to be discovered.

Inspo on what to do downtown in winter

Mini winter hike

Do you have a few hours ahead of you? Want to get some fresh air, and take a break in the middle of nature without going miles away? Here is the “Bulle nature” designed for you!

Mini hike

Coeur villageois de Sainte-Flore

This historic and lively town, a favorite stop amongst foodies, is surrounded by breathtaking views of vast farmlands. Sainte-Flore restaurants are now renowned for their vintage decor, unique menus ans succulent dishes.

Coeur villageois de Saint-Jean-des-Piles

Built on the banks of the Saint-Maurice river, cradle of canoe production, and considered as the La Mauricie National Park’s main entrance, life in this boating town is paced by the rythm of the river, currents and winds, seducing any outdoor lover.

Eugénie Houle-Roy

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